The Mind of The Customer

A whole lot of wasted effort would have been avoided if businesses had learned to go into the minds of their customers to understand their needs and unspoken expectations. The Golden Rule, “Do to others what you want to be done to you,” is ever relevant in business. In other words, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, understand his rationale for making a purchasing decision, THEN tailor your business to satisfy those needs discovered. A great deal of observation, empathy, integrative thinking is required to be able to connect the dots between seemingly unconnected circumstances and behaviour to arrive at that special benefit your customer gets from your business.

Maria Montessori opened up a new universe for learning kids because she looked at the school system through the eyes of a little child in school. Her keen sense of observation and empathy opened her eyes to the shortcomings in the educational system for kids. Looking through the eyes and musing as if in the mind of a child, she saw a rigid, joyless, almost colourless and noiseless classroom. Empathy made her realize that this is the antithesis of a child’s world: children are noisy, freedom loving, questioning, and attracted to colours. Integrative thinking got her thinking of ways to correct the anomaly. And did she change the educational system globally! She opened up a new vista for young minds where learning is fun and stimulating, questions rewarded, colours abundant and creativity nurtured only because she became a child first.

Maria Montessori was not a designer but she thought like one. Thinking like a designer can make a whole lot of difference in the way you develop your service, product, process and strategy. Every product or service is bought on the premise that there is  an added benefit beyond the basic need satisfied. It is these benefits that make a customer FEEL happy, secure, comfortable, or affluent when using a product or service. Whatever it is, find it by going into your customer’s mind. Going into the mind of your customer ensures you identify what that/those benefit(s) is/are. Find what makes your customer FEEL and then surround the  basic need your product or service provides with associations that arouse these feeling. Ensure your business provides these very important benefits and watch your business grow.

Think like a designer, go into Mr Customer’s mind.


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