Allow Your Dot To Go For A Walk

Two connected points form a line and every line has a length, width, and direction.

A line is a dot that went for a walk. – Paul Klee

Combining the qualities of  line (length, width, and direction) with Paul’s quote conjures several images. It communicates several important messages for success especially when you have got a wonderful idea. Just as a dot is the start of a line in a masterpiece, an idea is the beginning of all great things. The qualities that guide the dot as it goes on the walk to become a line is applicable to business success too.

  • Length equals Explore: An idea(dot) blossoms only when it is given wings to fly. Allow your dot go for a walk and as you explore you will discover opportunities, traps along the way and a resilience that comes from overcoming obstacles. Like a line that started from a mere dot into masterpiece of art, your idea if thoroughly explored can open up something bigger than what you imagined at first. Explore with your eyes wide and ears wide open, constantly asking,  What can be refined?  What can be added or removed? What if…?
  • Width equals Stay in the Right Path: In your exploration to enrich your idea, you must stay within the boundaries of your idea. Just as a line can wind and meander, it only stays true to itself when it stays within its width, the same way a business must ensure it does not lose the idea that was the reason for the exploration in the first place. Regularly check out your business values (your compass) to tell you whether or not you are on the right path. Constantly ask, will this enrich this brilliant idea? What will water it down? How far from our original idea is too far?
  • Direction equals Walk with Purpose: Walking without a purpose can take you too far away from the right path to making your brilliant idea a success. Goals are to purpose what direction is to a line: they determine the outcome of the walk. Direction determines whether the line is straight or curved; goals determine where you are going, how you are getting there and when to get there. Goal driven purpose will help you identify your success point when you get there. It ensures you do not get lost in the darkness or the light depending on the situation. It helps you press on even when all you encounter is a maze of disappointments. And it helps you choose the right opportunities when you stumble upon an unbelievable mass of opportunities

2 responses to “Allow Your Dot To Go For A Walk

  1. Hmm ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk’,this means I can fly with my idea keeping in mind d principle of lenght,width n direction.Great piece,really educative.

    • Yes, you can fly your idea as high as you want it to go with the principle of length, width and direction. Allow your dot freedom

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